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Wilson Electronics Omnidirectional Cellular Antennas


  • Outdoor omni-directional 4G cellular antenna
  • Easy installation
  • Regular and high gain variants
  • 50 and 75-ohm variants
  • Regular: up to +4 dB gain
  • Plus: up to +5 dB gain
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About Wilson Omnidirectional Cellular Antenna

Wilson omnidirectional (or Omni) cellular antennas pull in signals from all directions. Omnidirectional antennas are the most useful for multi-carrier setups and are far easier to install than other outdoor options. They pull in all existing signals in an area.

We have four types of Omni antenna:

  • Wilson 50-Ohm 4G Omni Plus Antenna, N-Type Termination – 304422
  • Wilson 75-Ohm 4G Omni Plus Antenna, F-Type Termination – 304423
  • Wilson 50-Ohm 4G Omni Antenna, N-Type Termination – 304424
  • Wilson 75-Ohm 4G Omni Antenna, F-Type Termination – 304421

The Plus line provides higher gain than the regular, giving more overall power to your system.

Be sure to purchase an omnidirectional antenna with the correct ohmage for your system.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-568-2723 for help choosing or for free advice.

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