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FAQs on cell phone booster

FAQs on cell phone booster

Written by Sadia Jahangir
24th Dec, 2022

Signal boosters: Are They Legal?

All of the signal boosters offered by Bftsync are FCC-certified, making them pre-approved and entirely legal. Numerous illegal, subpar signal boosters are available on the market and can interfere with the cellular network. You might be able to find several of these on Amazon or eBay.


Will My Network Carrier Support a Signal Booster?

All major and local carriers in the USA and Canada are compatible with cell phone boosters approved by the FCC and IC.

Does a Signal Booster Require an Internet Connection to Operate?

They don’t require Wi-Fi or a telephone connection to function. Simply put, they improve cellular signal.

Are There Any Monthly or Recurring Fees for Signal Boosters?

Nope! The cost of a signal booster is one-time only. It just works after you’ve got it set up.

Does a Cell Phone Booster Require Pairing for it to Work?

Nope! The signal will be instantly picked up by your phone. To connect to the booster, you don’t need to go through your settings. Even better, you don’t need to use a password, which means you have one less to remember. The signal strength of every device inside the signal booster’s coverage area will increase.

Is This Usable While Hiking?

Regulated by the FCC, no amplifiers are available today that have a battery. Even if they were, you would not notice much of a difference because boosters are made to be utilized in small spaces.

Do Signal Boosters Work with Solar Panels?

Since a signal booster uses a particular power and voltage, it cannot be used directly with a solar panel. If a solar panel serves as your primary source of energy, you can still use it.

What Types of Cell Signal Boosters are There?

The two are as follows:

  • The most popular cellphone signal boosters available today is analogue ones. These are compatible with all significant cellular service providers because they enhance all cellular signal types in all bands. Wideband cellular repeaters, cellular amplifiers, bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs), and of course signal boosters are other names for them. All signal boosters of Bftsync from weBoost are analog.

  • Modern signal boosters that are tailored to particular frequencies are called “smart signal boosters.” These are often extremely sophisticated and programmable. Certain intelligent boosters may amplify signal by up to 100 dB. “Smart” Bftsync signal boosters include certain models.

What Advantages Do Signal Boosters Offer?


  • Cell phone boosters may totally rock with “enough” weak 5G & 4G signals. Check out some unbiased reviews of our services and goods.
  • Improve reception and get rid of missed calls, unread texts, sluggish internet connections, and dropped calls.
  • More extensive cellular coverage
  • Work on all mobile devices (iPhones, Android, tablets, hotspots, notebooks, etc.)
  • Work with all significant local and U.S./Canadian national carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Bell, Rogers, etc.).
  • One-time payment; no ongoing charges.
  • Most signal boosters from reliable manufacturers come with a standard two- to three-year warranty.
  • Lifetime technical assistance
  • 30-day guarantee for a better signal or your money back.


  • Installation requires a certain amount of dexterity. Some, but not much.
  • You might need to get a more potent and pricey type if you reside in a nearly inhospitable area.

The Booster Receives, Amplifies, and Rebroadcasts a Cell Tower Signal. How does the phone determine whether to respond to a signal from a booster or a tower?

It will cling to the most powerful source. As a result of the booster’s closeness, it will draw signal from the booster.

How Come Complete Kits for Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are Sold?

In order to prevent interference with carrier networks, the FCC established a rule requiring that cell boosters be approved with enhanced designs in 2013.

When cell boosters were still in their infancy, several unregulated third-party devices had major network interference problems.

Cell carriers and reliable signal booster manufacturers asked for stricter laws and responsibility because of those bad apples. a benchmark being established for signal enhancers. This resulted in boosters that performed better and complied with carriers.

Therefore, all cell phone signal boosters have been and will be FCC-certified starting in 2013 and going forward.

Therefore, amplifiers cannot be offered for sale separately. Additionally, parts cannot be combined or blended with other parts. The three main parts are all regarded as a single entity.

Because of this, stores and internet vendors are unable to sell you merely an amplifier. The FCC approves the entire kit rather than separate components, especially the amplifier.

Customers are still free to buy extra antennae, splitters, and other components to customize their coverage in spite of this.

Are the Boosters Water resistant?

Waterproof outside antennas are available. It is necessary to install the indoor antennas and amplifiers in a dry environment. Consequently, booster units are regrettably not watertight.

Does it work with my device?

Yes, cell phone repeaters are made to work with all cellular devices. Your hotspots and similar locations are also covered.

Is Wi-Fi boosted by it?

Although not directly, purchasing a 4G booster should result in noticeably better data speeds. It won’t increase Wi-Fi on any other devices, although a jetpack or hotspot can do so inadvertently.

Does 5G get a boost?

Only low-band 5G, though. To learn more, click here.

How can we assist you?

The most well-known manufacturer of cellular signal boosters is Bftsync. For home, office, or vehicle use, cell phone boosters can amplify 5G, 4G, LTE, and other networks for any phone with any carrier. They work best with an antenna pointed toward the nearest cell tower.

We truly detest dropped calls and poor coverage, so one satisfied customer at a time, we want to rid the world of spotty signals:

  • Contact our US-based customer support at for a complimentary consultation or call us at 1-281-616-5786 to ask us anything.
  • Free delivery.
  • Better signal or you’ll get your money back in 90 days.
  • We offer lifetime technical support and a two-year warranty on all products because we want everyone to be happy.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist.


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