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GPS Installation

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Global Positioning System

Our GPS devices deploy in seconds on each vehicle, avoiding the costly downtime associated with alternative fleet tracking solutions. Once installed, the devices begin connecting with the fleet management software, where all data is displayed in a simple, user-friendly interface.

The cloud-based fleet management software, which is available for PC, tablet, and smartphone, allows you to monitor and control every aspect of your fleet. View live maps of vehicle and its routes, as well as trip history records and fast notifications, to obtain greater insights and increase efficiency.

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Our Procedure

Easy Installation

Small, light, and unnoticeable equipment that can be readily placed on any car.

Realtime Tracking

Know where your vehicle is at all times, as well as when the person driving your car comes and departs.

Temperature Sensing

Get frequent temperature reports and early warning systems for your car, as well as data logging.

Drive Efficiently with Performance

The proper installation of GPS devices is critical to the performance of all BFTSync services. As a result, we recommend all clients to use BFTSync Installation Services. Our professionals install devices when and where you choose, causing the least amount of inconvenience to your business and consumers. You also get faster access to all of your car data. Consider us your personal pit crew.


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