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weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home

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how cell phone signal boosters work.

weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home Information

weBoost signal boosters for home boost cellular signal for all US carriers and all devices, have no recurring fees, require no WiFi, are kitted with simple installation in mind, and are a great way to improve weak voice, text and 4G LTE data signals in a small and large homes and apartments. Every weBoost signal booster comes with all you need to get better signal straight out of the box.
A weBoost home cell phone booster works by taking existing signal with its outdoor antenna, boosting it via the amplifier, and rebroadcasting it via its indoor antenna within a confined space. These can be essential for homes with no cell signal inside and weak or moderately usable cell signals outside or nearby. Any home with a weak cell signal can benefit from a powerful weBoost signal booster to improve cell signals inside the home for all carriers, all cell phones and devices, and with absolutely no recurring fees after purchase.
There are five main variables that determine a weBoost booster’s performance:
  • Quality of outside signal
  • Maximum gain of the signal booster
  • Uplink and downlink power of the signal booster
  • Maximum gain of attached antennas
  • Quality of cables used in setup
  • All home weBoost signal boosters are sold as complete kits, which simplify this process.
Knowing the strength of your outside signal can save a lot of time and money when picking a cell phone signal booster for your home. If you have a strong outside signal, you will be able to get more out of a signal booster system. If you have weak outside signal, you will want to prioritize system power to cover as much area as you can.
There are two common ways to improve cell signal in your home: a cell phone signal booster, or a femtocell (also called a microcell). We’ll keep it short and sweet here: a femtocell is your best solution if you have absolutely no signal anywhere near your home. A cell phone signal booster cannot function without existing signal to boost. A femtocell can create signal in a very small area (around 1-2 small rooms) by plugging in to your home’s Internet connection. There are quite a few drawbacks to femtocells, however. First, they require landline internet to function. Second, many carriers have discontinued their brand’s femtocells, as they felt keeping their customers connected in this way wasn’t an effective investment. Third, their coverage area is small, and will only affect the one carrier. If any signal exists on your property you can harness, a cell phone signal booster is simply the better choice. They create significantly more coverage area than a femtocell, for all carriers at once. If you want better Verizon coverage, for instance, you’ll get it, but you’ll also help your brother who uses AT&T out.
There are three main variables that cause dropped calls and bad cell reception in your home. The first is distance from a cell tower. The way to solve this is a more powerful antenna, such as an LPDA antenna, as well as a powerful booster. The second is building material. With this, you may find yourself with pretty strong signal outside, yet unusable signal inside. If this situation applies, you can make great use of a mid-power signal booster. Finally, terrain. This can be tricky, but it usually means you have to hunt for good signal somewhere nearby. Usually there are pockets of usable signal in areas where terrain or trees cause signal issues. The trick is finding them, figuring out their strength, and making use of that knowledge to place your outside antenna and amplifier in the best possible location.
A better question would be: when should I NOT to get a weBoost signal booster bundle? Really, there’s only one situation where a bundle will not benefit you: if you are using a medium-to-low-power booster in a weak signal area. In this situation, getting a bundle is going to diffuse the weak signal you are receiving even further. In every other situation (high-power booster, weak signal area; medium-power booster, strong signal area), a weBoost bundle will help you expand your effective coverage and save you some money while you do it.


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