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Written by Sadia Jahangir
24th Nov 2022

How to Set Up a Signal Booster

One of our customers’ most common worries is whether or not installing their signal booster will be difficult.

Installation is a multi-step process, but each step is straightforward on its own. Even though your booster manual is a great place to start for your individual installation, we are here to guide you through the process step by step. Your cellular signal amplifier’s coverage area can be significantly expanded with proper installation, so the effort is well worth it.

The installation of a home signal booster system consists of five main steps:

  • Locating the best outside signal
  • Install an outdoor antenna
  • Contact the amplifier
  • Install the antenna inside
  • Switch on


The most “difficult” part is putting in the outside antenna, whether it’s an omni or yagi directional one. Climbing onto your roof, mounting the antenna, weatherproofing, and bringing cable into your home are all necessary for this.

You’ll also need some standard tools. You only need a ladder, your smartphone, a Phillips-head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and some effort to get better cellular signal quickly!

Let’s begin!

1. Locating the best outside signal

First, look outside your house to find the best signal. The most important part of the installation process is determining which side of your house has the best signal. This can be accomplished by walking around your home’s perimeter while either using smartphone apps (a good method), the number of bars on your phone (an acceptable method), or Field Test Mode (a great method).

For more information on testing signal strength, see our blog post titled How to Read Cell Phone Signal Strength Correctly.

2. Install an outdoor antenna

Place the outdoor antenna where you get the strongest signal. The antenna should be placed as high as possible, ideally on the roof with a mounting pole, but the fascia or gable will do. The location of the outside antenna on or near the roof’s edge is critical. If it is a Yagi antenna, it ought to be pointing away from the house and toward the cell tower that is closest to you.

For the best direction to point your antenna, check out our guide on where to find cell towers.

3. Contact the amplifier

Connect a coaxial cable to the outside antenna, which will be included in your booster kit, and run it into your home, where your amplifier is kept. Some prefer to use the window entry cable, while others run the cable into the attic. Choose the option that works best for you, and store your amplifier in a well-ventilated location.

4. Install the antenna inside

Place the indoor antenna in the area of your home where you require signal the most, either on the wall (if using a panel antenna) or on the ceiling (if using a dome antenna). Connect the amplifier, also known as the repeater, with the additional cable provided.

To prevent oscillation, which will cause your cell signal booster to shut down automatically, ensure that there is a distance of at least 20 feet vertically or 50 feet horizontally between the inside and outside antennas.

5. Switch on

Connect the signal amplifier’s power supply to the wall outlet. If you see all green lights, the amplifier will synchronize, and you will be in business. Check the strength of the boosted signal near the inside antenna.

The amplifier must be rebooted for any post-installation adjustments; to do so, simply unplug the power supply for five to ten seconds (similar to resetting your Wi-Fi router) and then plug it back in.

That concludes it! Have fun with your improved mobile signal!

You’re in luck if the idea of installing a signal booster in your home scares you: Professional installation is included with the weBoost Installed Home Complete. A group of specialists will set an arrangement to come into your home and introduce the sign promoter for you.

There are advantages to installing the booster yourself, including greater control over the layout, accessories, cables, antennas, and other components. However, if you lack mechanical expertise or simply don’t want to spend time doing so, installing the booster is the best option.

How can we assist you?

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