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Written by Sadia Jahangir
20th Nov 2022

Sometimes, a few small, easy fixes can make your cell service better. A phone signal supporter isn’t generally expected to get a superior sign. Check out some of these simple, free solutions to see if they help. If you’ve ever been curious: How can I get a free boost to my cell signal? This article is for you.


1.Call over Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is an option if cellular is difficult. Turn on Wi-Fi calling if your internet connection is stable but your cell phone service fluctuates. If a lot of people in your home rely on Wi-Fi for calls, work, or fun, this is not a good long-term solution. Wi-Fi calling can consume a lot of network bandwidth.

2. Guarantee the Product on Your Telephone is Cutting-edge

It tends to be a torment to refresh your telephone, particularly with terrible help. However, this may result in negative outcomes. These updates include bug fixes, new calling methods, data enhancements, and more. If certain software is synchronized with your cell tower, a weaker connection will result if your phone has an outdated version.

3. Keep your phone charged

On a weak network, trying to make calls with a low battery puts stress on your phone. The battery drains when the phone attempts to connect to the nearest cell tower. Keep your telephone charged as much as could be expected. There will be fewer missed texts and missed calls.

4. Remove Obstacles

A better signal might just require some spring cleaning or tree trimming. One of the main factors that contribute to poor cell service is construction debris and trees. Cutting the branches of those trees in the back or front can greatly improve your signal if you go outside. Moving them out of the way can help if you work in a building with a lot of metal or thick low-E glass. The quality of your cell signal can be significantly improved by simply opening a window.

5. Examine Your Phone for Damage

The majority of us have dropped our phones at some point. You may never see any damage if you have a good case. However, not all damage can be seen. Damage can significantly lower the quality of the signal that your cell phone receives. Take off your phone case and check the corners for damage. Make a free appointment with your phone manufacturer or your carrier if you notice any. They can run a diagnostic to make sure that every piece of hardware is working correctly. Your phone can frequently be replaced under warranty if it is not.

6. Change the way you hold your phone.

We know this sounds stupid. In any case, listen to us. Do you remember the silly extendable antennas on older cell phones? These antennas are still there, but they are inside the phone for aesthetic reasons. When you cover it accidentally, this can hurt your cell phone’s signal. Find your phone’s antenna and check to see if you have a habit of blocking it when you hold it.

7. Wait Awhile

We’ll get to the less pleasant solutions for weak cell signals in a moment. Drops may be more frequent if you try to make calls or send texts during certain hours of the day. This is due to the overcrowding of the cell tower. You can only wait until the towers are less full, regrettably. Consider switching carriers if you live in a rural area where your single tower is always full.

8. Look for a femtocell

A product known as a femtocell, also known as a microcell or a network extender, is occasionally offered by major US carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. In your home, femtocells make small cellular base stations. Similar to an internet modem, it provides a cellular signal. These were available for a monthly fee and provided signal in a home for their carriers. They are not free and can be difficult to obtain.

9. Change your phone

Phone technology is constantly evolving. The phone you are using might not be receiving a good signal if you are still using one that is five or ten years old. Your phone might not be able to keep up with the signals and frequencies that newer cell towers are sending out because of outdated technology. If you fall into this category, getting an upgrade may not be free, but it is your best option. Keep in mind that all of the major US carriers have recently discontinued 3G services. You might have to get these upgrades.

10. Change Carriers

You might also need to think about changing carriers. Carriers aren’t all created equal. In some areas, some carriers offer better coverage than others. We recommend locating the nearest cell tower to determine which carrier provides the best service to your area before making a difficult decision.

Which of These Methods Doesn't Work?

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